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AOYC has had a long-commitment to using data to inform our work to improve the systems that impact Opportunity Youth. Our Scaling Plan has identified three big buckets for using data to amplify our work in the next phase.

We create Virtual Capacity.



AOYC increases shared information and coordination between core partners.



We provide staffing supports to partner organizations for administration, operations, and monitoring purposes.



We are creating systematized tools that provide structures for support, track successes, identify trends, and create effective processes.

We work with the Ray Marshall Center.

"The Ray Marshall Center identifies and fosters creative solutions to poverty by addressing challenging education, workforce, and social problems through applied research, policy analysis, and innovative program design."

- Ray Marshall Center Website

AOYC's collaboration with RMC amplifies the current data evaluation process to identify cross-sectional trends and patterns.


The Collaborative's work with the center will soon expand to include qualitative data opportunities that connect directly with youth in order to amplify youth voices.

By collaborating with the Ray Marshall Center, AOYC enhances the data collection related to Opportunity Youth as part of The Scaling Plan.

What's Next?

AOYC is exploring opportunities to create a pilot  program incorporating data hubs, case notes, and longitudinal connections.

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