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youth voice

AOYC actively engages youth in work to improve systems. Through active partnerships with our member organizations, we seek out youth who can inform the work of the collaborative through stories, input, and advice.

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A Few Youth Testimonials

"From the start, American Youthworks has been like a shining beacon answering all my prayers and giving me so much hope and ambition towards really making something of my life and learning that not only can I help people but that I want to help people. Granted, I am just getting started and with this ongoing pandemic slowing things down quite a bit I haven’t come very far in my journey to personal success yet but, seeing as how my first day there felt like a personal success inwardly I like to believe that almost every day since then had been a small win for me."

"Having information on where I can go next is important to me when I think about my career path. I want to know that my employer wants me to succeed and that they will work with me if I'm not always perfect. I'll try hard but still have a lot to learn"

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