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The members of the Collaborative have explored many potential pathways that will lead Opportunity Youth to success. Analysis has shown that, while some OY take a linear path to education that leads to employment, many times their pathways are non-linear with participation in several different programs, a combination of approaches, or pauses in between engagement. In order to take all possible paths and outcomes into account, we have begun to look at Opportunity Youth "Pathways" as a broader ecosystem that can include any number of elements that chart a path to success.

The Ecosystem

Goodwill Central Texas

American YouthWorks

Skillpoint Alliance


Austin Community College

AOYC partners will help Opportunity Youth find the right pathway for them using this ecosystem of organizations. OY can utilize any of these services in any order to get to where they want to go.

Youth Employment Partnership Post-Secondary Pathway Ecosystem

Here is more information about the organizations in our ecosystem.

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